Hair removalWaxLaser
Bodyforming / MassagesPreis 
Facial / skin rejuvenation  
Combi package SEXY - intimate zone, buttocks, armpits & back235.-735.-
Armpits40.- 90.-
Beard complete incl. neck 180.-
Intimate zone "design choice"85.-180.-
Buttock cheecks + crack85.-180.-
Buttock crack55.-100.-
Intimate zone + buttock completely145.-340.-
Full legs incl. feet125.-395.-
Arms incl. hands85.-280.-
Half arms (upper or lower)55.-125.-
Chest or abdomen75.-180.-
Chest and abdomen115.-340.-
Back incl. shoulder/neck85.-340.-
Schoulder and neck45.-125.-
Feet or hands45.-80.-
Shaving 1-2 zones70.- 
Trim 1-2 zones70.- 
Lymphatic drainage95.- 
Radiofrequency - Skin tightening95.- 
SPA body scrub Massage195.- 
Sport-Deep Tissue Massage195.- 
Cryolipolyse 1 area 490.- 
Cryolipolyse 3 areas890.- 
Cryolipolyse 3 areas + 3 Radio frequency + 3 Lymphatic drainage 1390.- 
SPA body scrub + massage + Facial295.- 
Deep Tissue Massage + Facial295.- 
Diamant Microdermabrasion195.- 
Refreshment with Erbium end ND Yag Laser295.- 
Mesotherapy Anti-Aging485.- 
Mesotherapy Anti-Aging wich Decolleté595.- 
Anti-Aging with Radiofrequency255.- 
The prices are per single treatment.  

If you pay 5 laser or 5 facials in advance, you will receive one treatment for free. The same applies to prepayment of 5 combi packages.

If you pay in advance for 10 massages or 10 warm wax treatments you will receive a treatment for free!

Loyalty is rewarded. The «combination package» offers you an attractive saving. Further information.